What tool/steps do I use to calculate percentage?

Discussion created by cwacta00 on Mar 26, 2016
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Hello, I have streets and green spaces data and would like to calculate the % of the ONEWAY streets that pass by Green space and parks in the city.

My concern is that the streets are in many segments and I am afraid that the result will be wrong if the calculation uses segments of street instead of the entire street from end to end,....



1. Do I need to dissolve streets using street name?

2. Then what tool should I use to calculate the percentage of one ways streets that pass by parks and green spaces?

3. What step do I then use to calculate the shortest distance from multiple green spaces to a single destination point? [in this case a train station].......

Please tell me if this is the right way to think about achieving these goals or  am I completely off in my thinking?

Thank you for any help.