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Need help building my first script

Question asked by AntoineCantinR on Mar 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by AntoineCantinR

Hi, I'm trying to build a script, my first, so that it would create another version of some polygons in a shapefile (per example zoning)by erasing some polygons contained in a different shapefile (called hydro). I don't have a Pro license, so I use the "Union then delete" method instead of the erase tool. I don't want the attributes from the hydro table. I want to duplicate the script to apply those modification to other shapefiles. So here is what I found for the moment:


# Import the system modules

import arcpy

from arcpy import env


# Set the current workspace

# (to avoid having to specify the full path to the feature classes each time)

env.workspace = "c:/data/data.gdb"


# For first layer

  #Turn off all fields of hydro.shp so when union is done, the attributes table will only keep the fields from "zoning", leaving out the turned off fields of "hydro"

  #Can't find script lines for that


  #union layerName with hydro.shp


  arcpy.Union_analysis (["layerName", "hydro", "layerName_union", "ALL")


  #select FID_hydro <> -1


  arcpy.SelectLayerByAttribute_management ("layerName_union", "NEW_SELECTION", " [FID_hydro] <> '-1' ")


  #If selection > 0, delete FID_hydro <> -1


  if int(arcpy.GetCount_management(layerName_union).getOutput(0)) > 0:



  #export data layerName_union as shapefile




# Repeat for other layers


Anyone know how to use script to turn off all the field of a layer?

Would those steps work? Is there something missing?