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Combining two feature class with attachments

Question asked by vkemetbsl-bz-esridist Employee on Mar 23, 2016

Any assistance in this technical issue I am having in regards to relationship tables.  Below is the workflow to the point of the technical issue.


1.  Two point features classes were created in ArcMap with Enable Attachments.

2.  Two point feature classes were uploaded to ArcGIS Online (Separately).

3.  Each point was added to their own webmap for data collection.

4.  Pictures were taken attaching to the point features.

5.  The two Point features were exported from ArcGIS Online in their own File Geodatabase

6.  At the process of loading the two points features together, it states 'Cannot load into non simple data'.


I believe the cause of issue is the relationship tables that were created with the pictures. 


The two feature classes does not have the same schema. (Feature Class 1 Attributes: Name, Street, Area, Category)  (Feature Class 2 Attributes: Name, Street, Area, Status)


I am using ArcGIS Desktop 10.4