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Do you have to share a file with everyone to get a url?

Question asked by tchapin on Mar 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2016 by MidnightYell2003

When you upload a file from your computer to ArcGIS Online, if you share it with Everyone, you see a link to the file in the item details.  If you don't share the file with Everyone, even if you share it with a Group in your organization, the url link in the item details page goes away.  Is this by design?  I found this help page:

Add items—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS

which states: "You need to share the CSV and image files with everyone (public) to see the URL in the item details page."


In my case I'm sharing a pdf but I do see this behavior. The question is why?  Maybe Esri doesn't want people using AGOL as a file repository?