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Problems with ArcGIS Pro v 1.2 snapping.

Question asked by kevin_ruby on Mar 23, 2016
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I am attempting to use ArcGIS Pro more since I do like the ribbon layout and the faster speeds compared to ArcGIS desktop.  Although there is a lot left to desire with ArcGIS pro, I find that I am able to complete some of the more general editing tasks with Pro.  However, I have uncounted a serious problem!  Snapping just sometime stops working when using Editing tools like Vertices, Reshape, Split, Create etc.  I can generally use an Editing tool once after my initial startup and then, when I go back to use the same tool a second time, snapping is just....gone!  And by gone, I mean that I am unable to snap to anything at all.  I have snapping turned on and am well aware of all the intricacies involved with the snapping environment.  It seems to be a pretty serious bug with Pro, one that is making it almost impossible to perform basic editing tasks.  I have yet to figure out how to get snapping to return with any reliability. Sometimes I can change tools or unselect and reselect and snapping magically returns, but many times I have to restart Pro and go thru the whole process again.  Am I the only one experiencing this!?  I contacted ESRI support yesterday but have yet to hear anything from them. 

I am disappointed that such an integral part of basic editing is not working correctly in what will (I can only assume) eventually replace desktop.