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Using Living atlas (demographic) layers in web mapping applications- Lots of extra layers showing up?

Question asked by rexrobichaux on Mar 23, 2016

Good morning everyone! I started working on a web map and associated web mapping application this morning to show some demographic data for our County. In the web map I removed all of the sub-layers in each demograpic layer except for  the Zip Code,  Tract, and Block Group levels. However, once I preview the application in Web Appbuilder (expand the legend to turn on / off any of the demographic sub-layers) there are now approximately 50 sub-layers showing up :/. The sub layers range in description from State & County Boundaries to tract, block group, county, state, congressional district, CBSA, place, DMA, etc. I'm a little stumped as none of this is visible at all in the base web map from which the application has been built.


The web map can be found here:


The application under development can be found here: ArcGIS Web Application


Has anyone ran into a similar issue with Living Atlas layers or specifically the demographic data before? Any work-arounds or solutions out there? Thank you for any and all help as always!