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Roadmap for Runtime SDK

Question asked by magrqt on Mar 24, 2016
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Good morning. We are currently developing an application for the defense industry using ArcGIS Rntime SDK for Qt 10.2.6. We started using the QML API but soon realized that the C++ API offers much more features than the QML API (for instance, displaying military graphics using message processing or better support for touch interaction, just to name a few). We would like to stick to QtQuick since the Qt community clearly thinks this is the future of the framework, but the limited features of the Runtime Sdk for QML hamper our efforts.


So we would like to know if the next release of the Runtime SDK for Qt will address such discrepancy between QML and C++ and when such release will be available; we found no roadmap stating the future of the Runtime SDK for Qt in your sites (and when public beta will be available for the users) and we think this should be addressed by Esri since your technology is used in critical industry sectors.