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"Prefetching Data".. any way to see what is being prefetched?

Question asked by raze on Mar 21, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by raze

I have a rather large project with hundreds of different quite lengthy rule files (loads of switches and cases leading to different modelling and/or textures) that generate complex facades. In addition to that the scene contains hundreds of trees (one rule, analytical) and a semi-complex street network (rule: street constuction). On top of that, the project was made across different CE versions by a bunch of people.


When I import the project and try to open the scene, CE hangs at "Prefetching Data" for up to ten minutes before the generating starts, or gets stuck. Obviously this isn't very great. What's the culprit? The shape/object number, the facade complexity, the rule complexity, the project originating in an old version, or all of these? Can I somehow see what exactly is being prefetched?