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Another 10.3.1 License Server Problem

Question asked by huffmanp on Mar 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2016 by huffmanp

I want to replace my old 10.2.2 license server running on a old XP with 10.3.1 License Server running on a new server running Windows Server 2012R2.  On the Server 2012,  the License Server Administer shows that the provision file was authorized and my license are available,  service is started.  Desktop 10.3.1 locally on the Server machine gets served a license successfully.  But on my network, client PCs running 10.3.1 and 10.2 can't get a license but they can find the license server host on a network browse.  I used Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on the LM host to open 27000-27009 inbound and outbound, my Service.txt file for  License 10.3 looks like it is using 27000:


SERVER this_host ANY 27000



FEATURE ACT ARCGIS 1 permanent 1 vendor_info=7KNJDRHFHBK4CFDMJ214 SIGN="052E ABFC 32DD \

    2473 DEFD E276 4BF3 E0DB 87EB 2203 5A30 C014 19A1 C35E 2154 \

    08B1 9460 A2B9 6701 DC4D CAF2 E2FE 1347 0E36 90FA 4F3B E864 \

    BEC8 D3A2 A615"


Client PCs just get the old "'YourCrappyHost' does not have a valid License Manager." message,  but somewhat slower after I messed with the firewall.


I'm out of tricks.  How do I fix this?