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Custom Editor widget to copy/paste geometry between feature services?

Question asked by FDACS_GIS on Mar 18, 2016
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Has anyone already developed a custom Editor widget that includes functionality (GUI tools) to select one or more features (geometries) from one map/feature service and paste it into another feature service? For example, I don't want users to digitize polygon boundaries if those boundaries are available from another hosted service. Preferably the widget could be used with Web AppBuilder. Ideally, attributes would also copy over provided the field names/types are identical.



This seems like functionality that would be in high demand, but it doesn't already exist in the Web AppBuilder Editor widget - so what are the limitations/constraints to including this kind of functionality? I've read several older posts for people customizing this functionality, and the API4JS docs seem to indicate that it's doable via cloning. Is it too difficult to allow configuration with template pickers, graphics and/or event layers, projection problems, client memory limits, read permissions limits, or something else?