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How to georeferecne Values of a Rastercalculation and export them as Excel-Table?

Question asked by E._Jahn on Mar 16, 2016
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I'm curently working on a DEM. I wanted to know where the Slope is bigger than 10%.

So I calculated the Slope of the DEM and made a Rastercalculation (Spatial Analyst Tools > Map Algebra).

It worked. Now I got a Raster with Values of 1 and 0.


The Problem is that I do not find a Way to georeference these Values. The DEM is already georeferenced. But I can not combine them to the Values of the Rastercalculation. Futuremore I need a Excel-table of Koordinates where the Slope is bigger than 10% .


Please, can somebody help me?

Greetings, Eric