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Fast update of large raster dynamic map services

Question asked by pierrejeanmuller on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by rastrauch


Our platform uses mostly Dynamic services to display large rasters (up to 100 000 000 pixels so far, expecting more in the future). We need to update these maps on a quasi-real-time basis, and the way we are doing it so far is the following :

-Stop the map service (to unlock the .tif source file)
-Replace the tif source file with new data
-Start the service to finalize the operation


The problem is the Stop/Start time, which usually takes 10-15 seconds for both operations in total. Our platform's hardware is fairly powerful (Samsung PRO series SSDs, high-end Intel CPU, 32GB of RAM), so I do not believe hardware optimization isn't an option here.


My questions are :


Is there any way to have the sequence I described faster ?

If not, what other options do we have ?