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Clipping and Mosaicking Imagery

Question asked by craigp on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by dkwiens

Hello all,


I have a question regarding clipping and mosaicking imagery that I been trying to figure out.  Here's the process I have been performing:


I have several (hundreds) feature class polygons in which I have used to clip imagery out of into separate raster files.  The attached file shows one of these files.  However, as you can see from the attached file in the lower right hand corner, a little section of imagery was not included.  The reason for this was because this was fly over imagery and the original raster did not include this little area.  What I have been doing is clipping NAIP imagery out for these little areas and then merging them together.  However, there are several files that I need to perform this task to (around 100) and was looking to see if there was more of an automatic process to get these areas included in the rasters.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!