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Proxies Needed? Portal with WAB

Question asked by nmcnamara on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2016 by apurv.danke

I'm using Portal and WAB Dev. I can create maps OK, preview them fine and everything, and export them fine. But when I move them to wwwroot, they will not display. It flashes the loading screen for a second, then displays a "Unable to Connect" screen. There's a lot of documentation on proxies and ArcGIS Online, but we aren't using proxies for anything on our network, and it's unclear whether I need a proxy or not to do this on my localhost or my server. I tried following the directions for proxies and ArcGIS Online, but I don't know what the settings are since there is no documentation of proxies and Portal... anywhere.


If anyone could clarify this, that would be great. I have an app ready to deploy. I'm using WAB 1.3 and 10.4 for Portal, Server, etc.