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Changing the style of an ArcGIS Server service

Question asked by jestanford on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by KGerrow-esristaff


Can somebody explain to me what I'm missing here.


The help for changing the style of a layer in the map viewer states that:

"You can use Change Style with the following types of layers:

  • Hosted feature layer
  • CSV on the web
  • CSV, SHP, GPX added to map
  • ArcGIS Server feature service
  • ArcGIS Server map service that supports dynamic layers
  • ArcGIS Server image service with vector field data (symbology changes only)
  • ArcGIS Server stream service
  • GeoRSS (single symbols in single-layer GeoRSS layers only)"


I seem to be able to add an individual layer from an ArcGIS Server map service that does not have feature access and does not support dynamic layers and change it's symbology. If I add the entire map service to the map viewer I can't change the symbology of any of the individual layers which seems supported by the documentation.


For example, if I add this entire publicly available map service ("RoadsHighways/NewYorkStations (MapServer)"), I cannot make any symbology changes but if I add the first layer only (Layer: Stations (ID: 0) ), the Change Style tools are available to me.


So, is it possible to symbolize any ArcGIS Server map service (not just those of the variety listed above), as long as I add the layers individually?