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WAB NearMe Widget

Question asked by smcshinsky Champion on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2017 by rozekc_washtenaw

I have been playing around with the NearMe widget lately and I really like it. I just have a few enhancements that I think would be beneficial. When the developers version of this comes out I guess I can tinker away at it (any help is appreciated). For now here is what I think would make it just a little bit better.


1. Be able to set a predetermined distance for the buffer and then remove the option from the end user to change it. I guess you would just need to hide the slider when the widget opens.


2. Along the same lines. I noticed that when the user moves the slider to 0 it throws an error saying you can not pick 0. So why not remove that as an option and start at 1?


3. When a user clicks on the map or does the search, if there is only 1 result it would be nice at add a field value right after the layer name. It currently does this when you click to get to the next level but it really is an unnecessary click. A user may only want to see the value from one filed and they could then see it at a quick glance at the top level instead of having to drill in. Drilling in makes sense when there is more then one layer identified.


4. With a search bar in the widget it looks a little redundant to have two search places on a map with only one working with the widget. It would be nice to have one place to input an address and have it tied together. I know you can turn off the search widget as a solution but that is only a work around.


5. It would also be nice to have a place in the widget setup to customize the popup with content

6. How would I change the zoom level when I select a point. I have a basemap that is cached to level 21. When I click on the map it zooms to the closest extent. It would be nice to have an option to only zoom to level 18 for example because 21 is to close.


7. When a polygon is selected it defaults to show in a cyan outline. However if you are zoomed in after the search like in #6 above then you can not see the area of the highlighting  and you might not even know that the area is highlighted. It would be nice to zoom out to the extent of the feature being selected.


8. I think it would be nice to zoom to the selected feature once you have drilled in and then zoom to the previous extent when the back button is clicked.


anyway just some thoughts thanks for any help or insights you might have.