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suggested projections or coordinate systems

Question asked by iharry on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2016 by May@Lynx

I work on a variety of projects that involves data in vector and raster format across a variety of different locations across the world. Most of this data is received from the client who has no knowledge of the coordinate system/projection used. After finding the location of the project I often have to try and find out the projection thats used so that I can align everything in "real-world" space. Up until now I have used a website Georepository which lets you place a point on a map and it then gives a list of possible projections, however this website hasn't worked for a few months.


Does anybody know of any other resources that could help?


In an ideal world I would like to navigate to the location in ArcMap using a basemap and then a list of suggested projections would be available under the Coordinate System tab in Data frame Properties but im guessing this is something ofr the ESRI Ideas page