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Paths to pictures are not being saved. Paths to pictures keep being set to undefined after saving.

Question asked by mgvandijknl on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by mgvandijknl

Hi, I am trying to create a Map Tour story map, however I am unable to save any pictures to it. When I click the 'change media' button to add a picture to the point on my map, I can add a picture by entering its url. I am using a map with a previously created feature service for points. That works fine, the picture shows up. I can also click 'save' without any problems or errors. However when I close the (Firefox) browser window in which I have created my storymap after I saved it and open it again from the My Stories page, I see that the picture I had just saved is gone and when I click the change media button again I see 'undefined?token=<token>' instead of the url I just entered. So it seems that the path to my image does not get saved for some reason. I created a similar map using the same workflow yesterday and that is still ok, though. Could someone help me out? thanks.