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Does a certified SSL certificate need to be assigned to both IIS and Portal if the Web Adaptor and Portal are on the same machine?

Question asked by geasand on Mar 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by pk_davidson

On one machine I have AGS installed and the Web Adaptor running under IIS.  On a separate machine I have Web Adaptor/IIS and Portal installed.  On both machines a domain certified SSL certificate is assigned to the "Default Site" of IIS.   The Web Adaptor virtual folder resides under the "Default Site". The AGS install has been assigned as a federated server and the database host for the Portal machine.


Is it necessary in this setup to also import the domain certified certificates to AGS and Portal?


There are plenty of warnings in the install docs about the importance of assigning the certified certificates to AGS and Portal, but I'm just wondering if it matters when the Web Adaptor and server are on the same machine.


When I connect to the portal or AGS, the IE and Chrome browsers see the URLs as trusted locations.  And I am able to publish feature layers to the portal and use those layers in portal web maps.


BTW:  I had to use Microsoft Edge to enter this question.  "Ask a Question" doesn't work with Chrome or Firefox.