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Time slider Like app to embed in Story Map but for Day of Week

Question asked by ctalleygreenville on Mar 11, 2016

Hello all,


I am creating a Story Map for the Police Department for showing density patterns of all their Dispatch Calls for about a year's period. 


I created a time aware layer with a "tricked" date field so I could do a time slider to show how the incident densities (and total manhours spent) for just the time of day. I made the date the same (7/1/2015) for all, but kept the real  times.  So, I got the time slider to work with that and they are excited to see this.  I created the time aware app and embeded into the story map.


I also have an field for "Day of the Week".  It would be awesome to show the same time-slider experience, but the slider work through the days of the week.


I realize that this will likely NOT be possible with the existing time slider configuration possibilities.  So, I am asking for some other ideas of how to show cycling through a Density map for the days of the week in one pane of the Story Map.  I am using the accordion layout.


Or will I have to do some sort of animation and use the video (which I fear will be too large)?