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500 tile scale in ArcGIS Online resampling

Question asked by dllamasgmtgis-esridist Employee on Mar 10, 2016



I have a question, I created a map service with cache and tiles. The ArcGIS online last scale is 1:1,128 but i need one more scale so I create other tile scale  until 1:500.


I can see 500 tile in ArcMap


But when i zoom in WAB using the cache service i cannot see the tile and the service donot do resampling




My question is, Why i cannot see the scale 500 in WAB? How can I activate resampling option?  I had to create a next scale because when I use Imagery service from AGOL, it does resampling but when I use Printing widget in scale 1:1128 I can print

but when I zoom in, in the resampling area it does not show the image and there are some times I need to print a more defined structure


Thanks for your help!


Diego Llamas