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Having problems adding editable feature services when cached web service is in the Web Map.

Question asked by hunterkey on Mar 10, 2016

Weird behavior. I have a AGOL web map using security setting of Windows Domain for the User store and GIS Server for the Authentication Tier.

I have a web map with domain/username access to the services. The opening layer has 30,000 + records so I put in a cached dynamic service after I had put the web map together. I was working on scaling the layer so as the user zoomed in from the cached layer to an editable feature class to a final editable feature class.

The problem is after adding the cached web service when I add a new feature class it is not visible. When I look at the table of contents in the web map the layer is not added. When I look at the Map content on the web map AGOL information page the Feature Service is listed at the top as would be expected for just being added.

When I remove the cached service and go to re-add the feature service, the feature service is visible in both the TOC and the Map Contents. I would like to clean up my map contents and then add the cached service last to get my project done.


Here are some screen shots.