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Feature class map with country-regional population density?

Question asked by MathiasKnudsen on Mar 10, 2016
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Hi Forum users!

I'm a bit uncertain concerning whether I'm posting in the right place or not, so forgive me if I'm way off here. The questions is quite simple, though:

Where do I find a world map with countries defined as polygons including some sort of sub-national division (regions/municipalities/other units) and the population density of the different sub-national units? The purpose is to map events with X,Y-coordinates (earthquakes longitude/latitude) and then spatial join information about the sub-national unit, the population density of the unit and the country-name. That way I'll hopefully end up with a table with (at least) the following columns: 1) FID, 2) Long, 3) Lat, 4) Country, 5) Name of sub-national unit, 6) Population density of sub-national unit (of course area and total population of the sub-national unit would work as well).

I have browsed the "Add data from ArcGIS Online" without any luck so far, but I'm wondering if there might be additional materiel elsewhere.


Have a great day, and thanks in advance for any help!


Best regards,

Mathias Knudsen, University of Copenhagen