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ArcPad / VRS Issues

Question asked by Omnipro9636 on Mar 8, 2016

A little background: Located in Ohio, I’m using ArcPad on a Windows tablet connected via hotspot to my phone. I am using a GPS receiver (Topcon Hiper SR) connected via bluetooth to the tablet, and a program eGPS/eTOP. The eGPS program allows the Hiper SR connection to ArcPad, and is using a VRS login for corrections. The VRS data is in NAD83 (2011).


My data points collected seem to be about 1m ~ 3 ft off, hence I’m wondering if this is a projection issue between WGS84 and NAD83 (2011) or I'm not getting corrections at all. The GPS datum in ArcPad is set to WGS84, which case I cannot find a NAD83 (2011) datum to match that of the VRS. Am I correct in believing the ArcPad GPS datum needs to match the VRS? If so, is there a NAD83 (2011) datum or do I need to create it somehow?


Any feedback helps, thank you.