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(Some) Themes seem to have limitations on content visible?

Question asked by starlene on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by starlene

I like the dart and box themes as they are simple and best conform to the overall look and feel of our organizational brand. I have a few issues and it has led me to believe that all themes are not created equal in the way they handle the attributes of your app, namely branding and links. A few examples--


- I do not see my logo or subtitle or links on my dart theme

- My longer title gets truncated in the box theme (and no subtitle anywhere) and no logo option

- Billboard theme seems to have nowhere to put anything branding, maybe other than an 'info' widget


I understand these themes I mention are more simple in design, but I still think titles and logos are important and should be truncated or optional to display and not relegated to widgets.


Note- I am not looking for customization at this point because I am not a developer and I do not think I should have to develop merely to use the options that appear to be available on the WAB theme selection. Perhaps this is just a gripe but, again, things are not as simple as 'make a web app in 5 minutes' if its supposed to look acceptable to your customers.