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Binning vs Triangulation for LAS Dataset to Raster Conversion?

Question asked by TravelingChick3 on Mar 7, 2016
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I am new to the LiDAR world. I've figured out the workflow for LAS--> LAS DataSet--> Raster. Yay!  Here's my question: the area I'm dealing with is a few 100 acres, and has very low relief. What is the best way to exaggerate the topographic relief in the display to emphasize some of the small perennial run-off channels? 


Is there a processing parameter that I can tweak? Or is there something on the display end between the DEM and the hillshade that can be used to increase the contrast and the relief?


The area in the SE portion is what I am most interested in. Any suggestions appreciated! I've just started out and can use constructive help.