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Edit operation failed - data is currently locked?

Question asked by luke.coursey on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2017 by EternalDOOM

I'm trying to use an edit operation to populate attributes of a newly added field in a feature class. But the edit operation fails with the following message:  "Edit operation failed. The data is currently locked by another user and cannot be saved"


My workflow is as follows:


  1. Create new feature class using existing feature class as template (using GP) - success
  2. Copy selected features in template feature class to the new feature class (using GP) - success
  3. Create a new field in feature class (using GP) - success
  4. Try to populate the new field (using this example) - error


What's locking the data? It's certainly not another user. I'm the only user. The gdb workspace is a temp folder in my user appdata dir.

The data isn't on the map or open anywhere else.