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Lock language elements in StoryMaps?

Question asked by oscar.monellesri-se-esridist Employee on Mar 6, 2016

When creating a story map for an international audience you want to be certain that all elements in the templates behave as expected. One issue for us are the navigation elements that change language depending on your browser settings.

This is often not visible until using the story map on a mobile device.


will look alright for an international audience, but on a mobile device with Swedish set as language you get this mixture:

2016-03-06 16.16.49.png 2016-03-06 16.26.27.png

Or in this example with the legend-line being translated:

Fullskärmsinfångning 2016-03-06 162109.bmp.jpg

I often talk to customers who are creating Story Maps to be used at fair shows and venues. They are asking for a way to force/lock these elements to a single language.

Could that be done in an easy way?