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Arcgis desktop has encountered a serious application error

Question asked by on Mar 7, 2016
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I was trying to complete these steps in accordance with an assignment...


C1. Create a point shapefile of the security office location:

Security_Office.txt contains the coordinate of the main security office location on campus. Import the coordinate as XY into ArcMap and create a new point shapefile from it. Once you have created a shapefile, import it as a new feature class into the geodatabase you created in Part A of this exercise. Name the new feature class Security_Office. 


C2. Create a buffer around the security office point:

Load the Security_Office feature class into ArcMap. Using the Multip le Ring Buffer tool in ArcToolbox (Analysis Tools - Proximity - Multiple Ring Buffer) create ten 100 metre buffers around the Security_Office point. Save the output into the GDB as Security_Office_Buffer feature class. 


C3. Calculate the number of points within each buffer polygon:

To determine how many points are located within each buffer polygon use a spatial join. Right click on the Security_Office_Buffer feature class and select Join... Under ‘What do you want to join to this layer?’ select ‘Join data from another layer based on spatial location.’ For the ‘… layer to join to…’ select ECB_Outside. For the numeric attributes check Sum. Specify an output feature class in your geodatabase named ECB_Outside_Sum. The sum of points falling in each polygon will appear under the Count_ field in ECB_Outside_Sum. 


C4. Calculate the exact distance to each point from the security office:

Point Distance tool in ArcToolbox (Analysis Tools – Proximity - Point Distance) provides a quick way of calculating distances between two or more points. Use this tool to find out the distances between each outside emergency call box and the security office. The output table should be named ECB_SecOffice_Distance, and output into your GDB.


I completed steps C1, C2, and C3 with out issue, but when I tried C4 right after I clicked ok to run the Point Distance Tool, ArcMAP crashed and gave me the "arcgis desktop has encountered a serious application error" and prompted me to send an error report (which I did). I deleted the new outputs from steps C2 and C3 thinking I must have made a mistake, and tried re-doing the steps, now the same error message occurs when Im trying to use the Multiple Ring Buffer Tool that worked the first time before the crash in step C4.

I am running ArcMAP 10.3.1 on a dell Laptop using my universities license. Is there anything I can do to make this step work without restarting the project from scratch? Im afraid of restarting from scratch to only to get to this point again and the same thing happening. Any ideas?