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Feature Layer/Service - Changing Symbols

Question asked by processing... on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by timw1984

My UI is set up with 2 lists. The first list shows the symbols of a selected feature layer. The second list shows options of what a symbol can be changed to.


For example, if the layer's renderer has a single picturemarkersymbol, the image displays in one list and the second list will show a series of graphics the user can select from.


Another example, if the layer's renderer has a collection of symbols (some picturemarkersymbols, some simplemakersymbols), all of the symbols are represented in the first list and the second list shows a series of images.


The idea is to select 1 from the first list and 1 from the second list. When the user submits, the new symbols should replace the old symbol.


I have everything done except for updating the symbols. Breaking down my code, and simplifying it, I have:

var path = jqueryUnorderedList.find('img')[0].attributes['src'].value;


Nothing happens. The original PMS still exist on the map. What am I missing?


Also, what's the proper way to change renderer's completely? If I have a SMS and want to change to a PMS, do I need to setRenderer on the layer? I tried that too... nothing happens. Nothing on the map changes and nothing shows in the F12 console log.


Thank you for the help!