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ArcGIS Online remove "My Organization" tab

Question asked by deleusto on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2017 by rastrauch


I'm using ArcGIS online for organization. I do have several groups and users. For most users, they only need to see some maps we published. So, I can set privileges (using roles en group member ship) so they can only see maps from certain groups. However, all members can also login to my ArcGIS online for organization. I do not want to see them the information in the "My Organization" window. I do not want them to see which other users do exist in my organization and what their role is. Is there a way to restrict this information for some members of my organization?

Ideally, I would like some members to be able to see certain specific maps within my organization, protected with their username/password ( so no public maps), but I would like to avoid that they can login in ArcGIS online web interface.

How can I achieve this?