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So many map projections, so many applications: mobile, web, desktop

Question asked by PepperWhere on Mar 4, 2016
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I am working on developing a GIS.  The project integrates desktop, web, and mobile mapping.  The data will be collected, edited, analyzed, and visualized in the different environments.  I am having trouble choosing a map projection for my geodatabase and data. 


The basic outline of the project is:

- data collection through a mobile device with a native application (built with AppStudio) using the device's GPS to collect location and a photo;

- data visualization along with limited editing and analysis in a web application (built with Web App Builder), including measuring;

- more advanced data editing and analysis on a desktop when required (however the system is designed to work primarily with the web and mobile applications).


Since the data collection and use vary, I am unsure what projection to use.  My inclinations are:

- web mercator for the data display and use on the web map; although, I am not sure how that will affect the measuring or analysis in the web map;

- projected state plane for the desktop application since my data is over a small area (10 miles) or a geographic coordinate system using the NAD1983 datum;

- for the mobile application, it seems like WGS84 makes the most sense in order to work with the GPS on my phone. 


What is the best projection to use when a project has such a variety of uses and applications for the data?  Should I choose a CRS for the desktop application and then reproject all of the data for the web and mobile applications?  Is it possible to reproject the data when serving it as a feature service?  Does an application made in App Studio convert the GPS coordinates for display on the map?


What is the method for choosing a projection in these circumstances?  In projects that I have completed in the past, there has been one final format for the data, such as a paper map.  In this situation, however, there are a variety of uses. 


Thank you for the assistance!