Identify task - putting identify result values in NSArray

Discussion created by ccabanero on Nov 27, 2010
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The bigger picture goal I have is to create a UITableView with sections - whereby each section presents the attributes returned from an identifyTask for multiple layers.  For example, section 1 shows attributes for parcels, section 2 shows attributes for permits, etc.

Specifically, I am using the identifyTask to return two layers from my map service.  The identifyTask request succeeds. 

As I understand it, the results from an identifyTask returns an NSDictionary.  However, when I execute the following, an exception is raised...

NSArray *values = [self.idResults allValues];

In the above, self.idResults is the results from an identify task set as a property of my class.  So, I'm simply trying to get all of the values in the dictionary into an array.  This line of code raises an exception.

1. The identifyTask returns an NSDictionary right?
2. If the identifyTask returns an NSDictionary, I should be able to load all of the values into an Array right?  Maybe I'm doing this wrong?
3. Does anyone know of any samples that I can look at that executes an identifyTask against multiple layers and displays them in a UITableView with grouped sections?