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Process Notifier - Develop a notification service for ArcCatalog

Question asked by steinjan on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2016 by steinjan

Hi Developers !



Keywords : ModelBuilder, filegeodatabase, national datasets - DEM, Hydrology



This question arised from my practical work at the County Administrative Board of Sweden. I am dealing with long  and demanding analyses, which needs  often lots of data and time ( between few hours to couple of days) and it can happen a full stop/break

on my workstations caused by diverse failures (data bugs, overflow, unexpected etc)

My question is next :

• Is it possible to develop a  "Process Notification"  service, which can send an e-mail or sms  from ArcCatalog  to a choosen optional device about the actual status  , i.e.   Reporting  the status  in a brief form  : [1] Finished  [2] Break or Failure  [3] Estimated time left to be finished.


Grateful for your response,


Sincerely, J.Steiner