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Help a newbie decide how to set up Server

Question asked by MidnightYell2003 Champion on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2016 by myerington50

I have never been on the back end of setting up a server for the first time and now I find myself working for a small company that is just getting its feet wet with GIS. The issue is, I am not sure where to start and not sure if I should consult the GeoNet or my local Esri rep.


There seems to be so many options out there and I want to make sure I get things setup right initially. We do not have a real dedicated server machine in our building so we are looking at options on this (like do we outsource and use something like Amazon web services, do we dedicate a local machine in-house, etc.). My company has a standard ArcGIS Server Workgroup license (with two cores, whatever that means). We will be wanting to host data on our ArcGIS Online site and will want to be able to update that data regularly. We will also want some secure services and things like that (and we are in the US).


We do not have a back-end relational database but I believe we are working towards getting one on PostgreSQL, from what I understand. Our website has a MySQL component that could work, I suppose, but then again, I am unfamiliar with configuring these types of relational databases (though, I would love to learn).


Ok GeoNet, the question is, where is the best place for me to start? How should I best approach this to get the most value and functionality? Are options like ArcGIS for Portal or an SDE likely possibilities for me?