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Referenced Mosaic Dataset shows all Rasters from "Master" Dataset

Question asked by bogibrynjar on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2017 by bogibrynjar

Hello there,


I was trying out the Create Referenced Mosaic Dataset tool using a SQL Selection query to try to make a sub-set of rasters from a larger "Master" mosaic dataset but to my surprise it didn't seem to work. When I looked at the new referenced Mosaic dataset in ArcCatalog (contents pane) it looked like a complete copy of the contents of the "Master" mosaic dataset but not a subset.


However a colleague of mine pointed out that if you looked at the attribute table of the footprints for the referenced mosaic dataset (e.g. in ArcMap) you only see the rasters that the SQL selection query applies to so it does appear that the query did work. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this suppose to work like this?


It seems very misleading to have all the rasters of the "Master" showing up in the referenced mosaic dataset when looking at it's contents in ArcCatalog when you would think only a subset would show based on the original SQL query.