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Importing .lyr symbology  or CIMRasterClassifyColorizer setting ClassBreaks Example

Question asked by tomas1 on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by tomas1

I am looking for some examples in Pro of how to use the CIMRasterClassifyColorizer, specifically in setting the ClassBreaks to symbolize some GRID raster data.


Ideally I was hoping to use a pre-existing .lyr file and import the symbology, but have not been able to determine a way to do that.


I have looked at the LayerFactory.Create method, expecting to be able to pass a path to a .lyr file to automatically bring in the proper symbology.  I am able to successfully import the .lyr file in the Pro application, so I know it likes the .lyr file. I assume there is a programmatic way to bring in the .lyr symbology. This approach would be ideal as I would not have to mess with all the overhead of building the bits for the CIMRasterClassifyColorizer.


The attached file is a screen shot of the raster legend I am looking for.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.