Adding features for use in Network Analyst

Discussion created by campbell918 on Nov 26, 2010
I only started using Network Analyst recently and I am having some difficulty. I used a shapefile of street centerlines to successfully create a new Service Area to show where I could travel from a set starting point (I am researching street connectivity). I want to be able to juxtapose this existing Service Area with a new one showing how connectivity would change by adding a new street. I go into ArcMap, add the new feature to my shapefile, and recreate the Network Database. But when I create a New Service area, Network Analyst completely ignores my new street. Why is this?

I can get the Service Area to recognize my new street sometimes by fooling around with Topology, although I don't really understand what Topology is (nor what I am doing by using Planarize Lines or other tools). When I do get a connection, the distance is not correct (I am trying to show 1/4 from the starting point, but I get either more or less than that).