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New GIS user, need help with Collector Related Table Forms

Question asked by jorso_UGIES on Mar 3, 2016
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We really like Collector and I've got us into the Workforce demo.  I'm creating maintenance forms inside of ArcMap using Relationship classes.  Now my maintenance guys are asking for something I don't know how to do.  The Primary key/Foreign Key number transfers through when they fill out an inspection form, but I need to send other data to the form as well.  For instance, the serial number.  If you're looking at the Hydrant sample, imagine if I needed the water pressure rating of each Fire Hydrant to flow onto each maintenance form in addition to the facility ID number as a pre-filled field.  Can I accomplish this through a field calculation?


I have no formal GIS training, been learning through OJT.  I usually do well looking through the help manual, but I'm not sure what term or tool I should search for.


This is the hydrant example I'm writing about:


Thank you for your help.