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Set extent for Story Map Journal

Question asked by shelbyzelonis on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2018 by achipman_crec

Is there a way to set an extent at the beginning of a Story Map Journal and have that same extent apply to all of the maps in the journal? This extent would be user-defined and would change based on who is using the map, so a default extent that I define is not what I'm looking for.


For example.... in the Map Series template, a user can search for a place in the first map (effectively setting an extent), and the rest of the maps in that map series become set to that extent. I'd like to replicate this functionality in the Journal. The end goal would be something like this: Page 1, user types in area of interest, map zooms to that area (i.e., map extent is defined). Page 2, a different map is shown, but it automatically zooms to the extent set in Page 1. Same for Page 3, 4, etc.


Ideally I hope to do this with as little coding as possible, but please point me to whatever resources may be available.  Thanks!