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How to see the coordinates of the vertices of polygons in ArcMap?

Question asked by jrvazqcanteli on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

Hello and thank you in advance for helping me. I imported some data of the shapes of the buildings footprints into ArcMap, and when I open the attribute table I can only see the word "Polygon" in all the elements of the column Shape. However, I can see perfectly the shapes of the buildings displayed on the map. I'd need to access the actual coordinates of the vertexes of the polygons. For example: MULTIPOLYGON(((-0.033700 -6062.86549,-12.5930 -6065.154699,-12.00290 -6069.26459,-9.1801 -6068.803799,-6.70300 -6083.96449999977,1.136500 -6082.745000,-0.949500 -6069.855,1.0263 -6069.53539,-0.033700 -6062.8654)))

Does anyone know how to see the coordinates in that format?