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Rookie on a mission: identify country from latitude/longitude conditionally

Question asked by MathiasKnudsen on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by MBaber-esristaff

Dear Forum Users,


I'm a rookie, simply stated. I have just about zero experience in using ArcMap. I am, however, writing a bachelor thesis in political science on the impact of earthquakes on regime stability. I have a dataset containing the longitude and latitude coordinates of the epicentre of approximately 13,500 earthquakes scoring more than 5,5 on the Richter magnitude scale. And this is where ArcMap enters the stage: I need to be able to match those coordinates with the country they're placed in. More specifically, to complicate things even further, I need a way of separating the earthquakes on land from those in the oceans as the oceanic earthquakes are out of the scope of the thesis.


Is there any way that ArcMap will let me do this? The end-goal is a dataset where the longitudes and latitudes are converted into countryname with values such as "USA", "Chile", "Oceanic/N/A" or something similar which can be matched with the rest of the variables in the dataset I'm constructing containing year of occurence, magnitude, GDP of the concerned country, regime-type etc.


I hope that I've stated my question clearly enough. Any help is IMMENSELY appreciated!


Best regards,

Mathias Knudsen, University of Copenhagen