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Google or Bing searches do not find our AGOL organization or maps

Question asked by Tscharmen on Feb 29, 2016

It seems that normal searches from a browser search engine no longer return links to our organization ( ) but rather to links outside or to a view of our maps outside of our organization ( )

AND from there, the links to Home or Gallery are also to the ArcGIS pages, not our site.

This is a recent change and is very problematic for us.  Our public (non subscriber) users have complained, and some of our workshops have been totally sidetracked.

Even typing in the precise name of one of our maps, or the first words of our URL will not bring up a link to our site!

Visitors can no longer navigate easily from one of our maps to our featured gallery or main page, and explore New Mexico issues and data thoroughly.

Why did this happen?

Is there a fix for this?

Thank you