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Combine several gpx into one shapefile

Question asked by sborto99 on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by Dan_Patterson

Dear all,

I would like to convert several gpx files to one shapefile (directly or indirectly). I usually use GPS babel to (1) combine several gpx files into one gpx file that (2) i later convert to shapefile using  "gpx to feature" tool in ArcGIS. Doing so I lose the time of my gps points while the date remains (contained in the same colum): the problem seems to come from when I combine the gpx files into one file in GPS babel. I could import each gpx file to ArcGIS and then merge all the shapefiles in one (it keeps well date and time in the same colum). "gpx to feature" tool can convert only one gpx file at a time and its time consuming to not be able to merge gpx before converting it to shape . Does anyone know a method though which many gpx can be combine and convert to one shapefile (and all information is kept)?


Thank you very much for your help,