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Editing issue after compressing geodatabase

Question asked by akash89 on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by asengupta

Hello Everyone,


I need an advice to mitigate a serious issue which I am facing after compressing the geodatabase.


Because of very slow response and very high lineage count [50 Million] in database I went ahead to compress the database wherein I followed below steps -


1. Deleted all ArcFM orphaned versions.

2. Deleted all versions from ArcCatalog using Administer Geodatabase.

3. Used Compress database tool from ArcCatalog. [Compression took exactly 2 days to reach lineage count 1]

4. Analysed datasets using ArcCatalog.


After all this process database performance increased but I am not able to edit any feature class which are versioned. I am getting an error message stating -


Function requires a state to be set for stream [Featureclass name] [STATE_ID = 0]




Please let me know what can be the issue in my case.


Thanks in advance.