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Spatiotemporal big data store isn't showing up in Geoevent Manager

Question asked by mggeagle-co-nz-esridist Employee on Feb 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by wgsl2005

Hi there,


I have configured a spatiotemporal big data store in my test server site.  However it is not showing up in Geoevent manager.


Here is a screenshot if the initial command line config:

spatiotemporal data store command line.PNG


Here is the description from the describedatastore command:

spatiotemporal data store description.PNG

and here is the Data store validation from the Server manager:

data store validation.PNG


So everything looks good, but the Data store is not showing up in Geoevent manager:

I added it to server using the server primary site administrator account before I federated with portal.  I also have a regular data store running on another machine that has been added to portal as the hosting server.  All firewalls are turned off.


Any ideas?