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question about viewshed results for linear feature

Question asked by jtrook on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by Dan_Patterson


Can someone please clarify the results I'm getting for a viewshed analysis on a line/trail.  The results of the geoprocessing gave me a normal not visible/visible (pink/green) raster.  However, when I open the attribute table I have over 100 values with different counts for each value.  Is it correct to interpret it this way - my line has 100 vertices and each vertex will have a corresponding value (vertex #) and corresponding count? 

Second, how do I map partially visible results from 100% visible (entire trail) results?  My line is 20 miles long and I'm assuming most of the trail is only partially visible.  I want to show: no visible from any location, partially visible from certain line segments, 100% visible from entire trail.

Thanks in advance for your help.