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Why do ESRI Basemaps show pixelated tiles at LODs 20-23 but my services don't

Question asked by on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2018 by jzhangeica

I have created the same LODs for my basemap that ESRI Imagery uses. While both the ESRI Imagery basemap and my basemap have LODs for 1:70.53 scale, there are no tiles that have been created for those scales in either service. The ESRI Imagery service shows pixelated tiles from previous, smaller scales but my basemap just shows a grey background. Is there a reason that the ESRI basemaps show pixelated tiles further zoomed in while my basemaps are simply grey? For example, my basemap has LODs for 1:70 and 1:140 but the largest scale tiles were created for was at 1:1128. When I zoom in to 1:70 in ArcGIS Online or WAB DE the background is grey. Even though the ESRI Imagery hasn't been tiled at 1:70, the tiles from the 1:1128 LOD show up, albeit pixelated.


I did notice that when printing at a scale larger scale via ArcGIS Online or WAB DE my basemaps do show pixelated tiles from  the smaller scales when in the actual app the background is grey.


Any ideas what is going on here?