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Applyedits bug?

Question asked by endlessdsire on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2016 by tsellste

Hello there,


Im trying to add a new feature in my applyedits but when i get the response it says success.

If i look at the service , it doesnt add the new feature.


What im doing wrong?

Here is my code:


on(updatebtn, "click", function(click){


                            var myAttributes = {

                            id_luminaria: document.getElementById('id_Luminaria').value,

                            id_nodo: document.getElementById('id_Nodo').value,

                            tipo_cnx: document.getElementById('tipo_Conexion').value,

                            tipo: document.getElementById('tipo_Lampara').value,

                            potencia: document.getElementById('tipo_Potencia').value,

                            propiedad: document.getElementById('tipo_Propiedad').value,

                            obs: document.getElementById('tipo_Observaciones').value,

                            rotulo: document.getElementById('id_Rotulo').value,

                            eliminar: 'modificar',

                            corregido: 'revisar'



                            var myAttributesGraphic = new Graphic(null,null,myAttributes);




                              console.log("its adding " + agrega);



                            },function error(err){

                              console.log("there is an error" + err);