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WAB Popup in Mobile - Is there a way to increase the pixel tolerance (closest to point) of activating a popup when a feature is clicked and disable the no information found window when clicking in open space?

Question asked by ipeebles on Feb 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2017 by benedettosimo

I have an application in WAB that is working really well.  However, a couple of users pointed out that when you perform an identify on the map close to a point, the following message appears:


Can I disable this message somewhere in the .js or config files?


Also, to activate the popup is there a way to increase the tolerance when the popup is used in mobile?  It appears you have to be exactly on the point to get the popup to appear, meaning a user might have to tap several times for the popup to appear for a feature.


The No Information popup might be misleading to a person that thinks they are clicking on a feature, but no results are returned.


Any suggestions?.  Thank you!